Friday, January 7, 2011

Unlock everything

I am  a techy person and like to control my technology. I own a wii, Samsung android i7500 phone , ipod. I have unlocked all of the above. That has enabled me to expand their technology beyond the delievered software. For example

Unlocking Wii - I am able to take backup of Wii games in USB drive and play off of them. This makes the gameplay faster as the console is not busy reading data from slow Disc drive, but also saves Disc life. You can install other old virtual consoles, install other open source programs. I am enjoying this and would recommend this to anyone.

Unlocking Samsung Android i7500 - You can root the phone , means take full permission of all file system of the phone , this will make you an administrator and you can install other customized Android OS and not just limit your phone to the delievered OS. I was able to install a custom OS based on Android 1.6 , my phone came with android 1.5 and upgrading is always better. everything works like a charm .

Unlocking iPod -  Did this for fun , you can install custom softwares on your ipod , not just limiting you to the Market Apps.