Saturday, March 6, 2010

Words and me

Ah just opened this blogging chapter again . Man you wouldn't believe was lying under a lot of dust alas got to be back. It would be cool if this would be like a book , you can touch feel and smell the old rotting pages. Slide your hand to the bookmark to open the page where you left. I always forget whether I was on the left page or the right one. how do you guys do it? Anyhoo don't mind reading a few lines again . This reminds me got new set of books from library . My favorate time in the library is closing time around 4 ish . At that time they have just finished bringing the books other people have just returned. Thats the best way to find books go through the list and pick one unless I am looking for something speific. Got four books today :
Book of learning ( One of those self improvement ones , I will give them one more chance )
Life of Pi
Skitzy , its a visual one
Hard Times , Classic

Variety helps in changing mood , which is very common if you are living in mn since weather changes so fast . Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend :)